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The Pizza Book

The Pizza Book was created with one goal: to help you make the best pizza you’ve ever had, in your own kitchen, for your own friends and family.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A foolproof master dough recipe that has been tested thousands of times and is guaranteed to be amazing
  • Over 100 unbelievably mouthwatering photographs
  • Dozens of recipes for delicious pizza pies, from classics like the Margherita to mindbending original recipes like the “Everything Bagel Pizza”
  • Recipes for sides to accompany your pizzas, and menu ideas for the best pizza party ever
  • Notes on equipment, technique, creative ways to use pizza dough, and more!

The Pizza Book began as a recipe and a dream shared between two friends and turned into a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign to produce the most beautiful and informative book ever made about making pizza at home. Co-Authors Aaron Quint and Michael Bernstein recruited designer Steve Berry and photographer Tom Eberhardt-Smith, and the group set forth to make their dream a reality. Every detail of self-publishing this book, from the text, to the photographs, to the layout, to personally supervising the printing was executed by this small group of DIY pizza fanatics. They think you’ll agree: the results are outstanding.